Quality Policy

All Exotech PH products come with a standard 2 year warranty
The only thing that really matters is that, if you’re not happy we would like you to get in touch so that we can put things right.
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Exotech PH products are hand made from resilient materials combined in proprietary ways, with care, these materials will age beautifully over time. Before they reach you, the products have undergone rigorous durability testing to make sure that they are not only stunning now but that they remain that way.
All Exotech PH our local warranty which extends to 2 years for our VIP members. Some harsh cleaning products and cloths will strip the natural oils from leather so please be delicate and careful with your essentials.
To avoid cosmetic damage to your essentials, please have a case/pouch which is included in most of our curated products we recommend keeping it away from the harsh chemicals found in aerosol sprays, solvents, abrasives and sun creams.
We’ve taken a great deal of care to ensure that your Exotech PH products reach you in perfect condition. If you’re not happy, please do get in touch – we’re here to listen and provide the best solutions for you.
If your Exotech PH associated products incur damage in the line of duty, we may well be able to help. We can often replace the products if it falls under warranty claims, or if you’re part of the VIP club.