Zendure Super Tank: PRO Edition

Zendure Super Tank: PRO Edition



Nowadays, we carry more smart devices than ever before, and fewer of us are working in a traditional fixed office setting. This raises a real challenge in keeping all our devices charged while we’re on the go. Every device seems to need its own charger, with power bricks often taking up more space than the devices themselves.

Why muck up your precious workspace with distracting cables in disarray? The obvious solution would be to use one product to power all your gadgets, and one with enough power. That’s where Zendure comes in.


Zendure's mission is to “Make power available everywhere”. They have created a full line of power solutions for everyday life, from external batteries, chargers, cables, hubs, to power stations. In other words, they strive for full mobile energy solutions that enable people in all walks of life to get charged and get going. Launching over 7 projects on Kickstarter, backed by over 40,000 fans worldwide (and growing exponentially), Zendure is quickly gaining momentum and attention as they provide superior quality products.

With their passion, backed by creative ingenuity, they’ve created their latest innovation which is a real game-changer. Introducing the Super Tank Pro, a new generation of the mobile power bank.

From office work to hardcore gaming, this versatile power bank designed for everyone and every occasion. Surprisingly compact, durable, and powerful, SuperTank Pro is the Ultimate Mobile Power Solution that allows working professionals, digital nomads, creatives, and anyone to set up a workstation or media center anywhere they need. Power any USB devices such as laptops, phones, game consoles, cameras, speakers, projectors, smartwatches, you name it!

Zendure has been, without a doubt, one of the leading brands that is taking the world by storm. With so many successful and highly acclaimed products already released, it’s no wonder why many are waiting in high anticipation for their latest flagship power solution.
SuperTank Pro is the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop in the realm of mobile power. It is simply not the power bank you want, but the power bank you need. With great power comes great opportunity, the one power bank to rule them all, are you ready?