Why Do You and Your Family Need a Powerhouse

Why Do You and Your Family Need a Powerhouse

Goal Zero: Extend your weekend trip with more POWER

There are a few things in life that we can do which would help bring everyone around us together. One of them is to go on adventures—to travel, go on expeditions or do outdoor activities. 

People are meant to experience constant adventures in life as we grow older—things that challenge us and push us out of our comfort zones—because that is basically how we learn, grow and become wiser as an individual which then affects how we treat other people.


Different families have different traditions to keep everyone closer and updated with each other. One good tradition that you and your family should start doing is to go camping. 

Why? Camping makes people completely present with each other which inspires us to savor every moment. Like talking and laughing together, doing stuff like cooking, creating bonfires, pitching tents, fishing, stargazing, and whatnot.

Even though some people are not comfortable with the thought of being outside with nature—sleeping in tents, bonfires and all—the moment you do it with the right crowd or people who are close to you make all the difference. Let’s be real, campings are not always perfect. Plans change and sometimes we have to be resourceful and spontaneous about it, and that’s the beauty of it.

But in this day and age, your family doesn’t have to worry about the worst thing that could happen when you’re on an adventure, from portable power stations, solar chargers, panels, kits, and accessories, Goal Zero has got us covered with portable power solutions that promise people an improved human experience that is good for the environment especially when you’re outdoors.

Bonus: Top 3 Camping Destinations in the Philippines

Got inspired by this article to go camping with your family? Well, let us inspire you once more to go to these hot camping destinations in the Philippines!

  1. Fortune Island
  2. Anawangin Cove
  3. Major Hiking trails