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Goal-Zero: Ultimate Charging Solutions

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Here at Exotech, we talk about the best and the latest when it comes to tech products, and besides smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the like, let us not forget about the one thing that keeps those recharged wherever and whenever we need them the most: Power banks.


What makes a certain product ultimate? What makes a power bank ultimate? There’s a lot of crucial factors to consider when it comes this; Capacity, smartness, portability, USB ports, price, voltage, and it’s USP (Unique Selling Point). So let’s talk about a certain tech company that checks everything on the list with its innovative products.

Goal-Zero is a company that’s all about portable power solutions that are “designed to improve the human experience” as they say, and their products can attest to their mission. Let’s talk about their power banks, specifically the Sherpa 100PD and Sherpa 100AC.

Sherpa 100PD

What makes a certain product ultimate? What makes a power bank ultimate? 

This sleek and sexy power bank has two 2.4 USB ports and 94.72 Watts of power that charges any device fast. It can fill up USB-C laptops, tablets, phones, mirrorless cameras, and a lot more, literally anywhere and anytime you need it to.

Equipped with Power Delivery technology for fast-charging capabilities while on-the-go and also with Qi technology, so you can finally dump those cables that always get tangled inside your bag if you want to, because wireless charging is now made possible with Sherpa 100PD.

Another thing that makes this power bank unique is that people can also recharge the Sherpa 100PD using nature, the sun! Just connect it to a compatible solar panel and you’re good to go. This power bank is definitely perfect for adventure junkies that like to stay charged regardless if they’re stuck in the middle of the sea or on top of a mountain.

Lastly, It’s lightweight design enables people to pack a lot of power with them, even when space is limited.

Sherpa 100AC

Versatility at its best when it comes to power banks, Sherpa 100AC is ready to fill up power-hungry gadgets ranging from phones, DSLR cameras to laptops.

This smart portable charger packs up a lot for its size, and when we say a lot, we mean 94.72 Watts of power with advanced features you don’t see with just any regular power bank. Superfast charging complete with 100W AC and two high-speed USB-C power delivery ports at 60W each so you don’t have to worry about waiting and charging one device at a time.

Precise port information thanks to its interactive OLED display, no more trouble second-guessing whether your power bank needs to be charged soon or not.

On top of that, for those who don’t have cables or cords to use, Sherpa 100AC is perfect for you! Why? Well besides its Qi wireless charging capabilities, it also comes with durable cables to do the job. These cables include lightning, micro USB, USB-C, and USB-C to USB-C. Available for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Always on-the-go? The Sherpa 100PD is very similar to Sherpa 100AC when it comes to recharging, but in addition to solar charging and through a USB cable, this power bank can also be fully recharged from a car 12V adapter in just about 3-5 hours.

To give you an idea, with Sherpa 100PD’s one full charge, you can power up any smartphone 8 times, a tablet 4 times, a POV camera 18 times, and a laptop 2 times. These two ultimate charging solutions definitely check everything on our list and more, so do yourselves a favor and get a power bank that would solve all of your charging problems.