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Zendure Super Tank: PRO Edition
THE ONE POWER BANK TO RULE THEM ALL THE PROBLEM… Nowadays, we carry more smart devices than ever before, and fewer of us are working in a traditional fixed office setting. This raises a real challenge in keeping all our...
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exotech philippines top power banks and charger 2020 covid 19 quarantine solutions of 2020
SuperMini The external battery boasts enough charge capacity to last a couple of days, pocket-sized smaller footprint than a credit card. Zendure is also well known in the tech world for generating sales through crowdfunding. Developing Crush-Proof External Batteries for...
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zendure super hub all in one charging solution hub + adaptor for 4k clear powerful images, tv and computer

30W | 5Gbps HUB | GaN Tech. | 4K 60Hz HDMI 

Dealing with constantly swapping ports, slow charging, limited capabilities and bulky adapters that take up too much space inside your bags? Ditch the brick with Zendure's newest edition. The Super HUB, Thanks to GaN technology, your power adapter, and hub can be packed into one compact device. 

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ZENDURE Super Tank Exotech PH Power Banks Zendure Philippines official distributor Exotech Philippines Power banks

100W Output | 27,000mAh | Dual USB - C & A

Future-proof your power essentials with industry-leading performance, durability. Always ready to take charge, especially when you need it the most. Zendure is no amateur when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns, they've been doing this since 2013 but this is by far the biggest.


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