Power Delivery ( PD ) Technology?

Power Delivery ( PD ) Technology?

Power Delivery Technology 

Have you ever found yourself glued to your phone almost 24/7 and you just can’t help it sometimes? Well, you are not alone. The amount of things we can do with our smartphones is astonishing that sometimes we rely on it more than we do with other people. 

That said, there has been a significant increase with the use of smartphones and other electronic devices everywhere which has led to the demand for reliable power banks and fast-charging USB cables, so we can keep up with the rest of the world and not worry about dying phones and the FOMO. 

From Cow-Free Burgers to Artificial Intelligence, as time passes, the technological advances we see in movies or tv shows are starting to turn into reality. One of those advancements we’re going to talk about here on Exotech will be battery charging technology, specifically, Power Delivery.

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Basically, Power Delivery (PD) is a specification for managing greater power over a USB connection that enables a number of devices to get charged fast—4x faster to be exact. You must be wondering how is it possible, well it works by mediating a connection between two gadgets so that a power contract can be negotiated, which then eventually allows them to assess the amount of power that can be taken from the charger. 

The PD technology begins with a 5V setting and is editable up to 20V, but when you use a standard USB-C cable, it can handle up to 60W, and can still go up to 100W with a special Electronically Marked Cable Assembly (EMCA) cable. Take note, out of all the different standards that come with USB, Power Delivery is the only one that is able to change the voltage level to 20V while others just remain at 5V. 

Even though majority of the smartphones that people own already have PD capabilities, it is most likely that they are not taking advantage of what it has to offer, which is super fast charging that can go 100% in only an hour! Why? Because most of these smartphones didn’t have a USB-PD Charger included in the box when they bought them. All they get is a normal AC adapter. Nothing special. That’s it.

USB Power Delivery was designed to create a sole charging standard that could be used among all USB devices. Minimizing electronic scrap by eliminating the need for chargers with several ratings for different devices is the goal in mind during its development. 

Another cool thing about Power Delivery is that it is possible for power to flow two ways, with no set direction based on connection or circuit. Just imagine, you could connect two phones which has PD capabilities with a USB-C charging cable, one phone could charge the other and vice versa. Modern convenience at its finest.